Is hi-melt cheese vegetarian-friendly?

Is hi-melt cheese vegetarian-friendly?

The popularity of a vegetarian-friendly diet continues to grow unabatedly. People following this diet choose not to eat meat products due to religious beliefs, love for animals, or health concerns. However, people on such a diet can be flexible with dairy products such as milk and its derivatives. So, can vegetarians consume cheese slices? Yes, they can. Cheese is an addicting dairy product used as a food enhancer that goes into many restaurant dishes like our favourite burgers. People love cheese haunting for home uses, as well.

How many of you think your burgers would taste the same without burger cheese slices in them? We can’t see you raise your hand, but the fact of the matter is that many would. Cheese is just such a dairy delight; it has the unique ability to tickle the taste buds in any foody. When cheese slices are heated, the solid liquefies give rise to a gooey texture that makes your burgers so delicious and addicting. A slice of burger cheese sets the standard in burger cooking, and without it, our burgers are not the same.

People who are on a vegetarian diet must be meticulous about what goes into their favourite foods like burgers and plenty of others when they eat out at restaurants and fast food chains. Cheese slices are burger staples, and almost every eatery uses them in their burgers. They can also choose from a wide variety of burgers cheese, such as Australia’s No. 1 burger cheese; hi-melt burger cheese. Those on a vegetarian-friendly diet should ask themselves what kinds of cheeses are suitable for consumption.

Can vegetarians eat all kinds of cheese?

Vegetarian diet forbears people from consuming meat. While eating dairy products, eggs, and honey is a common norm among many vegetarians, meat is strictly excluded from their diet. Today, people on a vegetarian diet share a common ground regarding cheese-eating practices. Not all kinds, but cheese without animal rennet in is considered a good cheese for vegetarians.

Rennet is a type of animal enzyme (found in the stomach of animals) that starts the coagulation process (solidification of cheese) upon reaction with animal protein in milk. Various kinds of cheese used in restaurants for burgers and other dishes have rennet in them, but some of them do not.

Before purchasing cheese slices for restaurants, it is a good idea to check the food label first. If the list of ingredients reads ‘enzyme’ only or ‘pepsin’ and ‘animal enzyme,’ it is not suitable for people on a vegetarian diet. There will be a clear mention of the ‘plant’ or ‘vegetarian’ rennet on the food label of vegetarian-friendly cheese.

Vegetarian-friendly cheese consists of the same ingredients as other cheese, like animal milk, bacteria, salt, and enzymes, except for animal rennet. Wondering where to find high-quality vegetarian-friendly cheese for your restaurant, just think of Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese.

Is hi-melt cheese vegetarian-friendly?

Yes, hi-melt cheese from Pure Dairy is a vegetarian-friendly cheese.

Everyone has a right to high-quality cheese in Australia. As Australia’s leading dairy supplier, Pure Dairy is well aware of the growing demand for vegetarian-friendly cheese in the Australian food market. Adding to its diverse range of 100% Australian dairy products, Pure Dairy brings for the first time a vegetarian-friendly cheese for service-minded eateries who are looking for new ideas to serve their customers.

Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese slices also known as hi-melt burger cheese slices are free of animal enzymes (animal rennet). Their hi-melt cheese slices are as versatile as they can get. Due to their hi-melting point, the cheese slices are suitable for both cold and hot dishes. At the same time, their addicting flavour and Instagram-worthy visuals help in instilling customer confidence in your burgers and other specials.

Restaurants can include vegetarian dishes made using vegetable rennet on their menu cards as part of the customer-friendly approach to inform customers of your choices. This will make your services more visible to vegetarian-friendly customers.

For people on a vegan diet (a diet strictly excluding all animal and meat products; no eggs, no dairy, and no animal derivatives), Pure Dairy is also selling 100% vegan cheese slices. You can make your burgers 100% vegan by sourcing their vegan burger cheese slices. Meanwhile, restaurants too can purchase both vegan cheese and vegetarian-friendly cheese slices in bulk from Pure Dairy.

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