Taverns vs.Restaurants: What’s the Difference?

Taverns vs.Restaurants: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for some Apple Valley liquor, you probably may have heard of restaurants and taverns nearby. You might even have used these two terms interchangeably, but what if we told you that they have distinct meanings and characteristics? It’s not uncommon for people to confuse restaurants and taverns with one another, so we prepared this simple guide to help you understand what each word means.


Think of taverns as more upscale bars serving alcohol along with food. The best tavern Apple Valley can offer tourists hassophisticated designs and atmosphere, with a wide range of spirits such as beer, wines, and many more. Taverns are also more expensive than your typical bar.

Some taverns may also have a license to provide accommodation for their guests, usually called inns.


A restaurant is an establishment serving a variety of meals. While bars and taverns serve mainly alcohol, restaurant focus on food. Some restaurants may also offer alcoholic beverages to their guests, though these are not the primary attraction.

Restaurants do not offer to lodge to customers but would provide table service.

The Difference in Food


If you are going to a tavern, usually you would go there for their drinks. They are licensed to sell spirits to their guests, from beers to wines. Besides beverages, they also have a diverse menu of meals, such as burgers and pizzas.


Restaurants have a more comprehensive selection of diverse meals than a tavern or a bar. After all, their purpose is to feed their guests with their specials. Some restaurants are also licensed to sell a limited variety of alcoholic beverages in small amounts, though you would not normally go to a restaurant to drink.

The Difference in Atmosphere


Taverns are cozy places with plenty of dark wood accents and features, leather furnishings, and a smaller crowd. Usually, in old-fashioned taverns, you might find a fireplace on one side of the area, along with sophisticated decorations. Behind the counter, you can find a wall of the beverages they sell.


Restaurants have varying themes depending on their culture and the food on the menu. Their atmosphere is softer and great for people who want to eat their meals and have conversations. Restaurants often have a mix of table and booth seating and sometimes a small bar corner.

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