What are different chocolate desserts for valentine’s day?

What are different chocolate desserts for valentine’s day?

February 14 is a date as romantic as it is sweet. Desserts are the perfect way to pamper our loved ones, as they brighten the day and are always the perfect excuse to share a pleasant time. Are you thinking of making your homemade desserts this year? If you have free time at home and are looking for the best easy Valentine’s Day dessert ideas, at Recetas Gratis, we bring you a delicious collection of sweets, pastries and desserts that will conquer more than one heart.

Pay attention to this list, put on your apron and prepare a delicious gift for this Valentine’s Day. Nothing will beat a gift made with your hands and time, but for it to come out perfect, the best thing is that you follow our recipes to the letter. Decorate them as you like and enjoy these desserts for February 14.

Desserts for Valentine’s Day without oven

We know that no-bake desserts are our best allies when it comes to preparing a gift without much preparation time or tools. With simple ingredients and basic steps, these desserts to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day will enchant you with their practicality and flavour. Please take note of some of our favourites and enjoy a dream evening this February 14.

Chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day

Without the classic chocolate hearts, no dessert list for February 14 would be complete. Instead, they are the most traditional way to show your boyfriend or girlfriend the sincerity of your love. Whether or not your crush knows about your feelings, this is the perfect opportunity to make it super clear to them. There are many ways to decorate or make these chocolate hearts; In this case, we suggest you use dyes and edible glitter to give them a unique and lovely touch.

Chocolate bonbons for Valentine’s Day

You will love these options if you want to raise the difficulty a bit and prepare some stuffed chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Choose between a filling of caramel, raspberry, almonds or more and prepare some chocolates that will sweeten your days throughout the month of love. The preparation is very similar to that of chocolates; you only need a chocolate mould and refrigerate them until they are ready.

    • Caramel bonbons
  • Orange and chocolate bonbons
  • Chocolate and raspberry bonbons
  • Homemade Ferrero Rocher chocolates

Strawberries with chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Making chocolate strawberries doesn’t have much of a mystery and is always a perfect companion for any Valentine’s dinner. In this case, we bathe the strawberries in a chocolate coating that is very simple to make, and you can cover them with the toppings that you prefer to give them a more colourful air. You can choose between chopped almonds, lines of white chocolate or rain of colours.

Chocolate Mousse for San Valentine

The mousse is one of those romantic desserts for Valentine’s Day that save you from trouble. They have a lovely presentation that fools anyone because they seem more difficult to make than they are.

Chocolate is one of the most traditional ingredients of February 14. Using strawberries and whipped cream as a topping, you can prepare a lovely and romantic mousse. To discover how to make the mousse, go to our chocolate mousse recipe.

And if you prefer to take an unexpected turn and not use the usual chocolate, here are more mousse recipes that you can also decorate with that Valentine’s touch that will make everyone fall in love.

  • Mousse of milling cutters
  • Yoghurt mousse

Tart yoghurt and strawberries

Do you want to prepare a good cake but don’t have an oven at home or prefer not to use it? This cake for Valentine’s without a range has a beautiful strawberry decoration and is perfect for leaving your partner with his mouth open. Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult to make; you have to follow the steps of our recipe and enjoy the mixture of its crunchy biscuit base and its delicious yoghurt cream. Ideal for giving the perfect closure to a super romantic dinner!

Heart-shaped chocolate lollipops.

Perfect for an arrangement with flowers or other trinkets! These heart-shaped popsicles are the perfect edible addition to any gift. The best? They are homemade and ideal for reducing costs! The only thing you will need is a heart mould and sticks.

Raspberry and biscuit cup

Suppose making desserts for two is not your thing, but you still want to prepare something delicious to end a romantic dinner on February 14. In that case, you can always appeal for desserts in small cups for Valentine’s Day, as they are effortless and delicious. To prepare this, you will only need a package of Maria cookies, the fruits you like the most, and some type of cream you have at home. You can use whipped cream, yoghurt, pastry cream, or whatever you have.

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