Japanese Cheese Fondue for Only $2.90!?  

Japanese Cheese Fondue for Only $2.90!?   

Los Angeles-based actress, Eru Gibson, was born and raised in Japan, where you can eat amazing food for surprisingly affordable prices. Eru took us to a bar-style restaurant called BEEF KITCHEN STAND in Shinjuku, where you can enjoy all-you-can-drink-and-eat services.

“One of my favorite childhood meals is cheese fondue. Here, you can order it for only $2.90. And, if you order the ‘All You Can Drink and Eat’ course for $29, you can enjoy as much cheese fondue as you want!”

The menu at BEEF KITCHEN STAND includes many kinds of appetizers and beef steaks. Of course, you can also drink various kinds of spirits, such as wines, beers, and cocktails.

Eru continues, “I enjoyed the original cheese ice cream as well. The quality is astonishing, especially for this price!”

Japanese people are known for being fit and conscious of their diets. As a result, one might wonder if the all-you-can-eat model is popular in Japan?

“Yes. Traditionally, Japanese people love eating meals comprised of small portions of various types of dishes. This allows you to try many nutritious options. Japanese people are usually known for eating less food compared to their Western counterparts. It’s healthier to eat small portions of many different dishes than eating a big portion of a single dish. So, if you can try samples of different foods, it’s more healthy and, most importantly, it’s fun!”

It’s hard to imagine that you can eat as much beef steak and cheese fondue as you want for $29 USD, but it’s possible here at BEEF KITCHEN STAND

Want to try this amazing deal? 

Come to Japan and drop by this restaurant.




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