The Best of Kamado Joe Products Brought To You By The BBQs 2u

The Best of Kamado Joe Products Brought To You By The BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u has been in the selling business of the best barbeque products since the year 2002. This is their family business that provides the best customer service and support. They sell and stock products of brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, Napolean barbeques and Ooni Pizza Ovens. Whether you want charcoal or gas, they have BBQs for everyone.

Kamado Joe- Big Joe BBQs

Big Joe’s name itself says that it is very supreme in size with around 24 inches of cooking space. It is one good option when you want to entertain a big crowd. They are made with innovative techniques with charcoal use grilling done like never before.

You can get various packs to choose from like:

  • Elements Pack– Consisting of Big block charcoal, Joe Cover, Joe Fire Starters
  • Discovery Pack– Consisting of Element Pack + Cast Iron Griddle, Joe Grate, Joe Pizza stone
  • Explorer Pack– Consisting of Discovery Pack + Soapstone, Laser cut stainless steel fish & veg grate.
  • Adventurer Pack– Consisting of JoeTisserie, Basket set, Cast iron griddle, Grate
  • Quest Pack– Consisting of Elements Pack + Dojoe, Pizza Peel
  • Voyager Pack– Consisting of Explorer +Adventurer+ Quest Packs (- the Duplicates)

Being an Elite dealer of the Kamado Joe brand, you can get all the latest KJ products first at BBQs 2u. They do both online and offline sales of Kamado Joe products at a good price with fantastic customer service. They also provide a good warranty period for their customers throughout the use of the products. Because BBQs 2u is a family business that cares for its customers.

About Kamado Joe – Big Joe III – Discovery Pack

This discovery pack is one of the big Joe bbq from the Kamado Joe. This being the newest innovation shared with the Classic 3, it got even more cooking surfaces, which are perfect for big family gatherings or any kind of event.

This Big Joe 3 grill has a side cart and even side tables including the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber Insert, which is perfect to control the smoke and heat. With this, you can get that perfect taste and texture for your food while you cook it at 500. This has very quickly become a favourite amongst all its users.

This pack consists of the following Kamado Joe items:

  • Kamado Joe Big Joe III
  • XL sizes Lumpwood Charcoal weighing 9 kg
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate
  • A Grill Cover
  • A Pizza Stone Of Kamado Big Joe Model
  • Fire Starters Of Kamado Joe Brand

The price of this comes to around £3045.

You can get the Next day delivery (if ordered before 12 pm)

At BBQs 2u you can get free delivery all over the UK for items above £100.

Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 popularity has been increasing day by day. It has a huge cooking space, which can also be divided in case of cooking for smaller numbers. Just simply add in the basket divider plate to partition the firebox.

Need to know more about the Kamado Joe products, just check the website for details on the different ceramic grill models.

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