Why Should You Consider Eating Free-run Chicken?

Why Should You Consider Eating Free-run Chicken?

It’s easy to find free-run chickens around you, and we also find elaborate advertisements about the same. The stores take pride in selling this chicken. So, there must be some reason behind its huge popularity. 

Why do the sellers keep on emphasizing this chicken type? Are these chickens really better? We all know that chicken provide a lot of health benefits. It is among the most preferred staple foods that people love to consume on a daily basis. And, today, with the evolution of technology, one can easily get the best quality free-run chicken. 

Here’s why you should choose this chicken over other alternatives:

Good source of protein

Protein is an important nutrient that our body needs and is often referred to as the building block of the body. It helps our muscles to generate and repair the damaged or old tissues and also helps in healing the wounds. Further, the nutrient is equally crucial for pregnancy and child’s growth. Having a free-run chicken in your diet can provide you with the required protein content. A chicken breast from a free-run chicken can provide over 50% of the daily protein needs of the body.

Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Chickens that freely run and roam have a greater number of vitamins and minerals in them. Vitamins like B, D, A, potassium and sodium are very high in quantity. This is not something one will easily get in other chicken quality.

They produce better eggs

Eggs are the most preferred breakfast option for most individuals, which are a great source of nutrition. Some prefer having the sunny side up while there are some who prefer scrambled or boiled. Whatever your preference is, you must know that free-run hens produce healthier eggs than the other categories. These eggs contain lesser cholesterol, lesser saturated fat and more vitamin A. They also have twice more omega-3 contents and thrice more vitamin E contents followed by more beta-carotene quantities. Their size is also bigger.

It can save you huge bucks

Because these chickens roam and run around freely, they are known to provide you with better nutrition, which equals to berries, grubs and greens. They are also less pricey as compared to the ones raised with hormonal injections.

If you too are a chicken lover and simply want the best on your table, trust only Farm Club meat suppliers that are known for their genuine products and on-time deliveries. 

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